Monday, March 31, 2014

Salam and hi peeps. J
I’m not perfect and everyone knows that but I can be a better person in all situations. POSITIVE! 1 OF THE WAYS, IN SHA ALLAHJ.
Do we deeply understand the purpose we’ve learning and studying as a human being? It’s not about as a student only. As we can see the adults (atuk, nenek, mak, abah, pakcik, makcik and etc) are still going to places they can gain knowledge like mosques and even continuing studying in many ways. Belajar sampai ke liang lahad. Tiada sebab untuk mengeluh. Kan?
Seriously I’m not angry but after all I’m a little bit disappointed as a friend to the adults like you guys. Most of us already reached the age of 20 and some are 21 and above. Am I right?
And how do we define difficulties? Give me examples and reasons why you’ve said so?  Is eating rice using chopstick for Malay is really hard? Then how come I found that there’re plenty of Malay who‘re able to use them properly/correctly? So, doesn’t it really difficult to do or you find it really difficult at once you’ve tried to do? Nothing comes easy in this world. You need to pay few cents in order for you to use public toilet. Isn’t it? The situation might be easy for you on that particular time as you do have money. If you don’t have money and you’re alone plus you’re not even allowed to step in the toilet?  Does it easy? NO! You still need a solution to settle the problem. Am I right?
You might find and tell yourself many reasons not to do something you found it’s hard to do. But just imagine, even the simplest thing in this world might be difficult if you don’t try to. Within a day you’ve said it’s difficult? Have you tried or you’ve just said based on your opinion? It’s a fact or theory found in any research stating that this particular topic is difficult? And how’re about the others? They don’t even say so as they need to do the same tasks? Do you know many times they’ve tried before you’ve done? They might try more than you’ve done and I don’t hear anything from them regarding to the difficulties in finding those. Some of us do believe that in order for us to have a better life in future, we’ve need to face may kinds of obstacles. The difficulties in finding sources of reading materials you’ve said is not really hard compared to the other peoples’ works and efforts who’re rejected so many times before. Go and ask successful people laa! Then you know! We can’t simply find the easiest way in order to finish our works. All of us must bear in our mind it!
I do believe that everyone used to be in your place my dearest, telling others even a single ‘ALASAN’ not to do.

Well, let’s struggle together babes. I’m also not good in certain subjects/ tasks. But after all, we can work on it.J

Saturday, March 22, 2014


Assalamualaikum and goodnight(I’m on bed and I need to sleep act...)

Liam Hemsworth. Miley Cyrus’s ex-fiance. Manly. First thing came out of my mind as I thought about the guy I met on the red cafĂ©. Typical. Isn’t it? It’s actually not a meeting but I looked at him on purpose since a friend of mine once said that he’s handsome and I denied it! Not 100 % but then more than half laa. Hahaha… Nana nana! One lesson to be learned. You shouldn’t said that he’s not handsome and he’s just a typical guy you could meet anywhere you go. (Nope, SEPATUTNYA you can't simple have the intention to see him to ensure how handsome he is as ALLAH created us dengan berbeza kecantikan paras rupa :)

MALU, u perempuan nana.

See, u sekarang dah teringat ingat muka dia kan. Sebab? Now, you realize there’s might be something about him that have made you think he’s a kind of attraction! Cecece. Tak gitu cik nana? Normal laa kan as a girl, u mesti laa attract kat opposite sex? Tak salah but then it’s enough to see him at the first sight since it’s your ‘hak’.  You can’t see him twice as a Muslim girl, you should’ve known your boundary towards guy you can get married to(bukan muhrim laa). Pandangan pertama adalah hakmu namun pandangan kedua bukan lagi hakmu. It’s how I understand and interpret a HADIS I read about this kind of situation. Syaitan akan membisikkan kata-kata pujuk rayu untuk menyesatkan manusia supaya membelakangkan ISLAM dalam apa jua situasi. Woman’s weaknesses. Satu akal, Sembilan nafsu. But we can’t simply jadikan sebab untuk kita berpaling dariNYA.

Wait, before I taip makin panjang, I really wanna say sorry if the way I write didn’t show a proper manner as a MUSLIM’s girl esp sentences yang kat atas atas tuh. Actually I’m just expressing the exact feeling yang I rasa towards him and lesson to myself an others(padahal tak ad yang baca).

Let me explain kenapa I tulis story ni? I pun tak tau to whom I should tell this story since dah lama I didn’t feel anything towards opposite sex. Now, I feel it. Bukan I NAK DENY KE AP, Cuma I don’t want this to affect my UNI life as I was struggling myself on focusing my studies. You know what, I dah promise kat myself not to fall in love within this 3 years although I met a really good guy who I can rely on bila susah or senang OR ACCEPT me as who I am. I might not be too young to get married as getting married early is really encouraged in ISLAM(banyak benefits nanti I buat entry khas yer).

I bukan menolak takdir if it’s meant to be tapi selagi I mampu untuk avoid myself not to, why not kan? Banyak lagi responsibilities I should put as my priorities. So, apa I nak cakap kat sini, feeling tu dah bother I sedikit sebanyak.

Loving a person because of ALLAH swt SITI NUR RAIHANA BT MD ZAIN! Bukan kerana permainan jiwa semata-mata. It’s just an obstacle as a teen who’ll turn to be an adult next month. Perhaps... But who knows right? if it’s a true feeling… Haha. Kidding lagi.

Woman's heart <3
Baca doa dulu before tdo tu eh.
BismikALLAH humma ahya wa amut.

Sesungguhnya keranaMU YA ALLAH aku hidup dan mati.

Wednesday, November 06, 2013

Mid semester break : 1 week

Assignments berlambak, tutorial questions tah berapa muka surat tapi...

Kenapa aku malas ?

Duduk goyang kaki.
Makan nak, tidur pon nak, belajar tak nak.
Ke mana hilangnya semangat aku yang dulu ?
Buat jadual belajar, pernah. Buat nota kaki, selalu. 
Tapi tu dulu.
Mana perginya semua tu ?
Kenapa mudah sangat berubah ? Tak mampu ke nak halang ?
Umur dah 20. 
Boleh dikatakan memasuki alam dewasa. Tapi apa yang dewasa ?
Impian tinggi melangit. Bukannya satu bukan jugak dua. Tapi lebih dari tuh.
Nak hidup senang, bernduit, nak beli itu ini, nak pegi sana sini.


boleh kira guna jari.


Monday, October 28, 2013

Short story.

Assalamualaikum and good evening (: 

It has been quite long time I didn't update my blog though I thought that I'll make full use of it. It's okay then cause I don't really put it as my priority. Plus, I've been very busy focusing on my studies and adapting myself in the new environment. Ish, macam terlalu serius pulak sesi penaipan ni. Okay, let's make it more relax... :D

Okay, Honestly nana nak tidoq sebenanya ni sebab naa kena rest secukupnya, malam nanti naa nak stay up. Esok malam ada exam politik & naa tak buat revision pon lagi. Naa ni jenis study bila rasa nak study sebab tuh laa tak start lagi. I won't push myself untuk buat sesuatu if I don't feel comfortable while doing it. Plus it's about belaja kan, so naa kena find times yg naa mampu untuk fokus. Tapi tengok laa naa nak jugak taip menaip ni kan. Okay pasni memang akan selalu buat keja ni sebab naa akan jadikan blog ni macam diari naa. Promise ! :)

Hurmmm... So far I am doing good here though sometimes I felt that it's quite tiring days living in university. But somehow, I didn't really mind cause I know nothing will come so easy for me to succeed. All I need is to have some fun and enjoy my times here especially when I'm having difficulties finishing my assignments and tutorials questions. Soon, naa akan show some photos yang berjaya ditangkap oleh naa selama almost 2 months kat UNIMAS ni.

Okay, I have to end it here cause I want to have some rest and take a nap for a while. 

Till I write again yeah ? See yaa .. 

*SI JELITA beradu dulu yer..

Saturday, August 24, 2013

Lesson to be learnt ...

Assalamualaikum (: Selamat Petang.

No one reads my blog. Huhu.. So poor of you nana. Sob3 :'(  It's okay then. Cause this is my diary anyway. Writing as much as I want. That's my aim. Enough nana. Back to normal please !

Here the story goes.. Luckily my sister off hari Isnin last week, so kiranya sempat laa nana settle few things y agak penting before fly ke Sarawak. Flight ke Sarawak hari Khamis, so agak rush laa kan nak buat2 apa2.

I've two things nak settle kan hari tuh, First, pegi PKNS sebab nak buat DPT ( Dokumen Perjalanan Terhad ) & second things is, pegi PKPS sebab nak activate account bank islam.
Yg second ni memang penting sebabny few weeks before that day, Ive tried few times cucuk BIMB card kat mana2 ATM tapi kena tendang balik. Ingat cip rosak. Then, time nak isi form PTPTN pulak, kena masukkan num. account bank islam. Nak dijadikan cerita, num. account pulak ' TIDAK SAH ' .. Yg ni pon dah banyak kali try, pelik laa kan sebab selama ni num. tu laa yg nana save dalam phone. Kak Ira, my sister tanya laa nana takkan takda buku akaun kot ?? Setahu nana memang tak sebab pihak bank cuma bagi slip yg tertera num. account je & I've lost it cause dah bertahun2 tak perasan mana nana letak sebab lg sorang my sister y tlg simpankan slip tuh dah bagi kat nana. So, It's totally my mistake caused I've missplaced it though I know it's important. 

Okay, yg first thing tuh bukan tak important tapi DPT tuh masih boleh dibuat on the other day before daftar UNIMAS. Plus, nana masih lg boleh masuk Sarawak guna I/C & pihak imigresen akan bg Pas Lawatan Sosial yg valid selama 3 months. But then, after tuh nana dah tak boleh stay dalam Sarawak laa unless nana pegi buat DPT laa kan. Tapi apa2 pon, pihak UNIMAS dah tetapkan student UNIMAS kena ada DPT yg menunjukkan student y berasal dr Semenanjung masuk ke Sarawak dgn cara yg betol sebagaimana yg telah ditetapkan. So, I should and follow the rules & It's a must !

Okay, yg atas ni baru je mukaddimah sebenany. My journey throughout the day start when  I stepped my feet towards the counter. Time kat kaunter nana dengan Kak Yue sama2 cakap ap tujuanny kami ke situ laa kan. She said that ' Nak buat passport ' & I said ' Passport terhad ' ! I thought that the woman at the counter tu heard what I've said to her. So, nana ignore je laa kan. Then she asked me whether I penah buat ke tak passport ? & I said penah laa tapi time kecik2 dulu ? Tuh time nana satu family selalu turun Singapore yg da jadik second home kami adik beradik. Nampak tak kat situ ? Tapi time tu memang nana tak perasan langsung. Dia pon cakap renew laa ni & I said ' YES ' !! Adoi nana ! Takkan tak nampak lg kot ? Fine, memang tak ! She gave me a small form to be filled & nombor giliran . My turn ad lagi dalam almost 40 orang macam tu. So, I've to wait there for quite a long times laa dr pukul 7.30 am till  9.15 am. Nana yg datang lambat ke mereka2 tuh yg too early ? jawapanny, anything pasal dokumen rasmi macam ni memang kena pegi awal2 lg. Plus, sapa nak bersesak2 kan ? then, kena tunggu lama2 sedangkan banyak lg urusan nak kena settle. One more thing, urusan rasmi mesti laa weekdays je. So, Malaysian yg keja from Monday to Friday akan find a day untuk uruskan semua ni. 

Jap2, before tuh you all kena make sure yg you all dah ad gamba passport y seperti pihak imigresen dah tetapkan. For muslims womans, pakai tudung hitam yg kemas yg tidak menutup bahagian kening. For non-muslims or yg tak bertudung kena ikat rambut dengan kemas & if pakai sleeveless macam biasa laa kan kena pakai blazer hitam. Memang dah disediakan tapi better pegi dah prepare semua tuh. So, takda laa kelam kabut kan. Nana pulak memang pegi  amek gamba kat situ &pakai tudung hitam siap2 yg express @ instant tuh. Senang nak betulkan, plus nampak muka dengan jelas.

Num. 4075.. KAUNTER 9.. sampai laa turn nana. Sebenany nana dah agak yg nana punya I/C ad problem each time pegi settle urusan rasmi. Contohny time ad urusan kat bank dalam 2 years before this.. Tapi tak penah pulak pihak mereka cakap apa masalahny. Yg mereka selalu cakap, ' sistem tak boleh baca '. Haa, lebih kurang camtuh ah. Tapi nana ignorekan je since I still can use my license sebab pihak CIMB Bank & BIMB  mintak nana punya license. Maybank pulak memang tak ada kompromi sebab kalau I/C tak boleh guna, jadi tetap tak boleh settlekan urusan pembukaan akaun.

 Berbalik pada cerita yg sedang ditayangkan ni. Time mula2 officer tuh pegang pon dia mcm dah tunjuk kat muka dia y I/C nana ni tak boleh pakai. She asked her friend & the person doesn't said anything but ' geleng2 kepala je '. So, officer tu cakap lebih kurang camni, ' Kalau ikutkan I/C adik ni tak boleh guna '. I asked her, ' Napa tak boleh guna eh '. She answered ' Gamba adik dah tak boleh guna '. Jadi, paham laa nana. Nana tak pegi renew lg sedangkan I/C kena renew dalam tempoh umur 18 - 25 tahun. I'm 20 y/o and selama 2 tahun before ni ad je masa nak pegi buat tapi asyik duk postpone je. Niat tuh ad tapi selalu je dahulukan yg kurang penting. Plus tuh I/C yg dah berkurun abadny, gamba tak clear & dah koyak sana sini plastikny. Memang salah nana once again.  Priority comes first nana ! Then ?? Atas arahan officer tuh, nana kena pegi renew I/C kat Seksyen 9 iaitu kat Plaza Masalam dalam masa 2 hours sementara nak tunggu  " passport " tuh siap. On the spot okay. Nasib baik kat Shah Alam ni semuany ad & dekat2 pulak tuh. Jadi senang. Time kat JPN tuh okay je sebab procedure senang je & tak amek masa yg lama sebab org tak ramai. They gave me I/C sementara utk dapatkan " passport " tuh since the original one esokny baru siap. 

Yeay, dah settle pon renew I/C & " passport " tunggu nak amek after tuh & tomorrow je. ;)) Lega sebab dah settle dua benda kan ?! So, Bayaran utk " passport " tuh RM300 ! mahal kan ? cam pelik je sebab rasanya murah je cam y junior matrik ckp tuh tapi tak pe laa kan. At least, dah siap. Tak yah pike panjang. BETOL KE ??? So, pegi laa amek ngan tanpa usul periksa. Wah, cantik kot " BUKU MERAH " nana. Lain sgt dr yg kecik2 dulu. Nampak lebih smart gitu. BUKU MERAH ?? are sure nana ? belah mana dia tulis '' Dokumen Perjalanan Terhad " tuh ?? Ignore lg even dah curious sikit ? I asked Kak Yue, ' Kak Yue... passport kakyue yg pegi Riau tuh colour apa eh ? ' Kak Yue jawab, ' merah laa '.. Hurm.. Alahai laa nana, tak nampak lg ? Haish, bukan apa laa kan asyik duk pike what's comes next kan ?


 Next, nak pegi PKPS nak settle pasal Bank Islam pulak ! Urusan activate bank islam tak lama pon since pegi2 je explain my problems & the guys check whether account nana ni active ke tak. He gave me a form to fill so that I can cash in some money into my account to reactivate. Plus, he gave me the actual account num. yg nana dah tersalah isi  utk PTPTN tuh. Rupanya nana trtinggal satu nombor kat depan. ish3.. Nampak sgt tak concern cik nana nih kan ? that's the crucial thing I must keep in mind. Don't simply take it as a small thing. Those small thing might cause a huge problem. 

Finally, nak tau sangat. Even dah tau rasanya. Err, terok kan ? Dah confirm2 nana oi. So, pegi laa google ! Maka sah laa y nana dah silap pegi renew ' International Passport ' nana y sebenany nana memang tau pon cuma wat2 tak tau tuh. DPT tuh colour biru okay ? So, belum settle lg kan ? haa, amek kau nana. Ni pengajaran supaya jangan wat keja last minute. Plus, confirmkan banyak kali pon takpe. Jangan main buat je. alahai laa nana. Hurmm.. Tapi kan... 

I do believe that there must be a reason why I've did so. 
 ( : 

Though I admitted that It's my fault cause I'm not really concern about this until I've made thing went wrongs.

                                                            TO BE CONTINUED ...

Saturday, August 17, 2013

The Beginning ...

Assalamualaikum and hello to my dearest sisters and brothers out there.. :)

Eid mubarak to all muslims. I think it's not too late for me to greet all muslims cause it's 10th syawal. May HIS blessing and guidance always be with us in this beautiful month. AMEEN. (:

Seriously I don't know what's the first thing I should write in my very first post. Cause I'm a new blogger. This is my very first official blog. I've made one before but that's just for fun I think. And this is the real one cause I'm searching for something that I can express and share my thoughts, feelings and experiences as well. 
I'm not a good author or writer but seriously I'm into this kind of  thing. Do welcoming me my dear lovelies ..

Choo Nanna