Monday, October 28, 2013

Short story.

Assalamualaikum and good evening (: 

It has been quite long time I didn't update my blog though I thought that I'll make full use of it. It's okay then cause I don't really put it as my priority. Plus, I've been very busy focusing on my studies and adapting myself in the new environment. Ish, macam terlalu serius pulak sesi penaipan ni. Okay, let's make it more relax... :D

Okay, Honestly nana nak tidoq sebenanya ni sebab naa kena rest secukupnya, malam nanti naa nak stay up. Esok malam ada exam politik & naa tak buat revision pon lagi. Naa ni jenis study bila rasa nak study sebab tuh laa tak start lagi. I won't push myself untuk buat sesuatu if I don't feel comfortable while doing it. Plus it's about belaja kan, so naa kena find times yg naa mampu untuk fokus. Tapi tengok laa naa nak jugak taip menaip ni kan. Okay pasni memang akan selalu buat keja ni sebab naa akan jadikan blog ni macam diari naa. Promise ! :)

Hurmmm... So far I am doing good here though sometimes I felt that it's quite tiring days living in university. But somehow, I didn't really mind cause I know nothing will come so easy for me to succeed. All I need is to have some fun and enjoy my times here especially when I'm having difficulties finishing my assignments and tutorials questions. Soon, naa akan show some photos yang berjaya ditangkap oleh naa selama almost 2 months kat UNIMAS ni.

Okay, I have to end it here cause I want to have some rest and take a nap for a while. 

Till I write again yeah ? See yaa .. 

*SI JELITA beradu dulu yer..