Saturday, March 22, 2014


Assalamualaikum and goodnight(I’m on bed and I need to sleep act...)

Liam Hemsworth. Miley Cyrus’s ex-fiance. Manly. First thing came out of my mind as I thought about the guy I met on the red café. Typical. Isn’t it? It’s actually not a meeting but I looked at him on purpose since a friend of mine once said that he’s handsome and I denied it! Not 100 % but then more than half laa. Hahaha… Nana nana! One lesson to be learned. You shouldn’t said that he’s not handsome and he’s just a typical guy you could meet anywhere you go. (Nope, SEPATUTNYA you can't simple have the intention to see him to ensure how handsome he is as ALLAH created us dengan berbeza kecantikan paras rupa :)

MALU, u perempuan nana.

See, u sekarang dah teringat ingat muka dia kan. Sebab? Now, you realize there’s might be something about him that have made you think he’s a kind of attraction! Cecece. Tak gitu cik nana? Normal laa kan as a girl, u mesti laa attract kat opposite sex? Tak salah but then it’s enough to see him at the first sight since it’s your ‘hak’.  You can’t see him twice as a Muslim girl, you should’ve known your boundary towards guy you can get married to(bukan muhrim laa). Pandangan pertama adalah hakmu namun pandangan kedua bukan lagi hakmu. It’s how I understand and interpret a HADIS I read about this kind of situation. Syaitan akan membisikkan kata-kata pujuk rayu untuk menyesatkan manusia supaya membelakangkan ISLAM dalam apa jua situasi. Woman’s weaknesses. Satu akal, Sembilan nafsu. But we can’t simply jadikan sebab untuk kita berpaling dariNYA.

Wait, before I taip makin panjang, I really wanna say sorry if the way I write didn’t show a proper manner as a MUSLIM’s girl esp sentences yang kat atas atas tuh. Actually I’m just expressing the exact feeling yang I rasa towards him and lesson to myself an others(padahal tak ad yang baca).

Let me explain kenapa I tulis story ni? I pun tak tau to whom I should tell this story since dah lama I didn’t feel anything towards opposite sex. Now, I feel it. Bukan I NAK DENY KE AP, Cuma I don’t want this to affect my UNI life as I was struggling myself on focusing my studies. You know what, I dah promise kat myself not to fall in love within this 3 years although I met a really good guy who I can rely on bila susah or senang OR ACCEPT me as who I am. I might not be too young to get married as getting married early is really encouraged in ISLAM(banyak benefits nanti I buat entry khas yer).

I bukan menolak takdir if it’s meant to be tapi selagi I mampu untuk avoid myself not to, why not kan? Banyak lagi responsibilities I should put as my priorities. So, apa I nak cakap kat sini, feeling tu dah bother I sedikit sebanyak.

Loving a person because of ALLAH swt SITI NUR RAIHANA BT MD ZAIN! Bukan kerana permainan jiwa semata-mata. It’s just an obstacle as a teen who’ll turn to be an adult next month. Perhaps... But who knows right? if it’s a true feeling… Haha. Kidding lagi.

Woman's heart <3
Baca doa dulu before tdo tu eh.
BismikALLAH humma ahya wa amut.

Sesungguhnya keranaMU YA ALLAH aku hidup dan mati.