Monday, March 31, 2014

Salam and hi peeps. J
I’m not perfect and everyone knows that but I can be a better person in all situations. POSITIVE! 1 OF THE WAYS, IN SHA ALLAHJ.
Do we deeply understand the purpose we’ve learning and studying as a human being? It’s not about as a student only. As we can see the adults (atuk, nenek, mak, abah, pakcik, makcik and etc) are still going to places they can gain knowledge like mosques and even continuing studying in many ways. Belajar sampai ke liang lahad. Tiada sebab untuk mengeluh. Kan?
Seriously I’m not angry but after all I’m a little bit disappointed as a friend to the adults like you guys. Most of us already reached the age of 20 and some are 21 and above. Am I right?
And how do we define difficulties? Give me examples and reasons why you’ve said so?  Is eating rice using chopstick for Malay is really hard? Then how come I found that there’re plenty of Malay who‘re able to use them properly/correctly? So, doesn’t it really difficult to do or you find it really difficult at once you’ve tried to do? Nothing comes easy in this world. You need to pay few cents in order for you to use public toilet. Isn’t it? The situation might be easy for you on that particular time as you do have money. If you don’t have money and you’re alone plus you’re not even allowed to step in the toilet?  Does it easy? NO! You still need a solution to settle the problem. Am I right?
You might find and tell yourself many reasons not to do something you found it’s hard to do. But just imagine, even the simplest thing in this world might be difficult if you don’t try to. Within a day you’ve said it’s difficult? Have you tried or you’ve just said based on your opinion? It’s a fact or theory found in any research stating that this particular topic is difficult? And how’re about the others? They don’t even say so as they need to do the same tasks? Do you know many times they’ve tried before you’ve done? They might try more than you’ve done and I don’t hear anything from them regarding to the difficulties in finding those. Some of us do believe that in order for us to have a better life in future, we’ve need to face may kinds of obstacles. The difficulties in finding sources of reading materials you’ve said is not really hard compared to the other peoples’ works and efforts who’re rejected so many times before. Go and ask successful people laa! Then you know! We can’t simply find the easiest way in order to finish our works. All of us must bear in our mind it!
I do believe that everyone used to be in your place my dearest, telling others even a single ‘ALASAN’ not to do.

Well, let’s struggle together babes. I’m also not good in certain subjects/ tasks. But after all, we can work on it.J